About Us

mingleep understands the lack of variety with regards to products for online shopping aelectronic parts here in the China, and is also aware of the extreme costs of shipping, handling, customs and all miscellaneous expenses of bringing in products from China based online retailers.

We have made it possible to purchase your favourite products only available in the China. Our site shows you the entire selection of mingleep.com and its 3rd party sellers.

Not only have we made it more cost efficient to purchase from the China, but have also eliminated the hassle of creating multiple accounts, registering for third-party services, subscribing to forwarding services (and paying ridiculous annual fees) and deal with all issues of shipping / handling and customs. All you do is simply place the order on our website for a product on mingleep.com and wait for it to arrive straight to your doorstep here in the China.

mingleep portrays mingleep.com to you in a more China user friendly way, giving you greater flexibility when using the website.