2pcs Luminous Wireless Steering Wheel Controllers for Car DVD Navigation

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2pcs Universal Luminous Wireless Steering Wheel Remote Controllers for Car DVD Navigation Feature:1. Convenient and quick installation, improve driving safety2. There are 5 buttons and 10 buttons 2 types to choose to meet the co...

2pcs Universal Luminous Wireless Steering Wheel Remote Controllers for Car DVD Navigation

1. Convenient and quick installation, improve driving safety
2. There are 5 buttons and 10 buttons 2 types to choose to meet the common operations on the car
3. You can install it without removing the original steering wheel. It will not cause damage to the original steering wheel.
4. Built-in battery power supply, low power consumption, battery can be used for one to two years
5. Super-handy design, small size, side button, will not cause misoperation due to steering wheel
6. Easy to install, just connect four lines (positive, negative, steering wheel controller 1, steering wheel controller 2)
7. Integrated curved design makes it perfectly compatible with a variety of car steering wheel; it does not affect the steering wheel cover
8. Applicable to most DVD navigation with steering wheel control function
Product weight: 160g
Product size: 95*44*35mm/3.74*1.73*1.38"Installation:
1. Remove the car DVD navigation
2. Find the steering wheel multi-function control line, ACC line, and ground wire in the navigation host buttcock line. Please consult the navigation manufacturer for the specific line position function.
3. The receiver has a corresponding line sticker, ACC for the car ignition line, GND for the ground line, LED 12V for the headlight line or small light line, KEY1 and KEY2 for the steering wheel controller line. If the navigation host has only one steering wheel controller line, please connect KEY1 and KEY2 of the receiving box to the navigation at the same time.
4. Enter the DVD navigation settings to find the multi-function button learning (steering wheel setting), press and hold the button to learn the corresponding function (for details, please refer to the DVD navigation manual)
5. Enter Android navigation or DVD navigation (steering wheel settings, or steering wheel learning interface), press and hold the volume -, volume +, mute, previous song, and next song 5 buttons together for 10 seconds to pair, after successful pairing, you can see that a red light will be on on the steering wheel controller receiver box, which proves that the pairing has been successful. (You can see the red light in the small hole of the controller receiver at night.) The same procedure can be applied to the phone call operation button learning for the other controller.
(Note: Each button can also be customized for learning. After the wireless steering wheel controller is all connected, check whether the button light is normal. When the headlight high beam is turned on, the button light is turned on, and the button light will be off in 20 seconds after the headlight is turned off.Warnings:
Professional installation is strongly recommended. Non-professional installation may bring unpredictable consequences, which is at your own risk.
1. You should straighten the antenna of the receiver box as close as possible to the steering wheel. Some navigation may interfere with the reception, so try to keep the receiver box away from the navigation and keep it close to the steering wheel, which can greatly improve the receiving effect.
2. When operating the buttons, press and hold the buttons for more than 0.5 seconds to improve the button recognition ability.
3. Do not connect the positive and negative poles of the receiving box power supply. The receiving port should be specially treated to avoid damage to the equipment.
4. There may be slight size deviations due to manual measurement, different measuring methods and tools.
5. The picture may not reflect the actual color of the item because of different photographing light, angle and display monitor.

Package Content:
2 x Wireless Steering Wheel Remote Controllers (Each has 5 Buttons)
1 x Receiver Box
2 x Sets of Screws
1 x Set of Power Cord
1 x Manual

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